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Concepts of Air

Week 1   Air

Week 2   Wind 


Week 3   Hot Air Balloons

Week 4   Helicopters K-2
               Helicopters 3-4
               (1st 4 minutes)

Week 5   Parachutes

Week 6   Planes

Energy and Environment

Week 7   Where does electricity come from?

Week 8   Renewable and Non Renewable Energy

Week 9   Wind Farms

Week 10 Air Pollution


Week 11 Woodwind Instruments


Week 12  Lungs

Week 13  Asthma


STEAM 4.0 - Air

Wonder Workshop Challenges for All Grades

These challenges are good for any student- not just ages 6-8!  To complete the missions, use the Wonder App and Free Play.  The challenges are by the robots.  Good Luck!  (P.S. be careful to not walk across the mat!)Link to 2016 Wonder League Robotics Competition video

Cup Stacking Team Building Activity



Wonder Tutorial: Creating and Deleting States






Make-A-Design Sand Pendulum



How to Fly a Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Race.png