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STEAM 6.0 - Space

Never Stop Inventing

Star Wars Robots


Coding the Robots


  Sphero Edu App


OSMO Words

3D Printing


Augmented Reality

    PopAR App - Tutorial 

LEGO Creator

Space Shuttle, Moon Station, or Space Rover

Building with Boxes

Create a space station, rover, rocket, alien, or other space objects. 
Measure the height, width, area and perimeter with the ruler or measuring tape. 

HP Sprout

Use the touch mat to play the piano, create origami or be a DJ!


AR Lunar Landscape

Simulate a lunar or mars landing with astronauts, a space shuttle, and a rover!
Changes the landscape by increasing or decreasing the level of the sand. 

Alien Invasion

Create an alien.

Use only a golf ball sized amount of model magic.

Seal unused clay in a bag.

Astronaut Videos

Touchcast Studio App - Tutorial

*Choose a space themed background from the ALBUM. 

*Choose a script from the PAGES app and then copy and paste it into the teleprompter.

*Or write a script of your own to add to the teleprompter.

Cubelets - Robots

Rocket Reading








Blast off with a good space book!

Star Wars Robots

Charge R2D2 by plugging it in.

Charge BB-8 and BB-9E by placing on the charging pad. 

Coding the Robots


Tickle App


OSMO Coding Jam


3D Printing

 Design a space ship, rocket, robot, alien or a new planet.  The 3D print club will capture and print it for you!

Augmented Reality

You are about to embark on an interactive exploration as planets, probes, rockets, and more spring to life. 

Charge the iPads when finished.

Computer Station

Building with Boxes

Store the boxes in the lockers. 



Astronaut Gloves

Astronauts in space must wear projective suits at all times when outside the space station.  Use your skill to accomplish task with astronaut hands!

Moon in My Room


Alien Invasion

Write about your alien and it's planet.
Tag your alien with your name and teacher's name.
Display your alien!

Astronaut Videos

Hang the astronaut suits on the hooks.
Keep the iPad on the tripod.

Move the tripod to charge the iPad

Cubelets- Robots

Robot Recipes - Instructions on the iPad

Charge the batteries after each class