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Curriculum: Big Ideas

Literacy/Reading and Writing: U1: Character, Setting, Plot; U2: non-fiction; U3: Theme; U4: Main Idea through Details; U5: Prose and Prose; U6: Informational Text;

Math: U1: Place Value through 10,000, Number Patterns; U2: addition and subtraction processes, problem solving, telling time; U3: Multiplication, factors, area, perimeter; U4: reviewing subtraction involving regrouping, word problems, using multiplication to divide; U5: more fractions, angles; U6: Comparison diagrams, word problems, mixed numbers;

Science: Healthy Science, Survival Science, Earth science and Weather Science;

Social Studies: Geography of NM and USA, History of NM; Economy and Social Structures of NM and US.

Sara Trost

Mid-Term Progress Reports go home this week...

Please sign and return promptly. :)  Student Led-Parent Teacher Conferences will be here before we know it...coming soon to a classroom near you!! November of 2017. 

New Mexico can be sunny, beautiful and warm during the Autumn season. It can get very cold, windy or rainy quickly. Please ensure your student comes to school with enough layers to be comfortable and dry. Thanks! 

SeeSaw is a Great Tool for Sharing Students' Learning!

We look forward to sharing our learning on the digital portfolio app SeeSaw. Look for the parent signature page inside the Data Folder that will come home every two weeks. Please Sign on the date and return it to school the following Monday. This is going to make it so easy to share our learning! If you have not connected, ask your child for the 'Sign Up Instructions' paper which comes with a QR code to scan. How easy is that?? Let me know if you have questions or need help. I look forward to seeing your input as your child adds to his/her digital portfolio. ST

Daily Math Drills:

    In my experience, students cannot move on to higher level reasoning in mathematics until they master their basic math facts. In addition to regular math assignments, your child will be performing daily drills until he or she has mastered the basic facts. You can help your child prepare by studying with flashcards or having them spend 15-20 minutes a day working with online flashcards at, or has a wonderful online drill that helps immensely. You can even call out math facts to your child while driving in the car or waiting in the doctor’s office or post office lines! Mastering Times Tables is particularly challenging, so when everyone knows their times tables we will celebrate with an banana split ice cream party!

Summer Break!!

As we enter the final week of this school year, I have to congratulate all the students and parents for a fantastic year of academic progress and learning. 


Our kite factory has been in full swing this last week with 18 completed kites and about 10 more under construction. What a great project this is! The students have learned so much about making the tetrahedron kites. Ask them to explain the process...I bet if you get some straws, string, tissue paper and glue, you could have a kite factory at your house this summer. Which brings me to my next point:


Keep on learning throughout the summer. Practice the math, reading and writing skills you want to keep for 5th grade. Learn something new: Research a new National Park and create your own brochure. Write a story about a crazy summer vacation adventure with characters you have created. Practice your keyboarding skills. Research a topic you want to learn more about; space, trees, birds, geometry, poetry, volcanoes, kites, kangaroos...then create a brochure, slide show, report or any other way of presenting your new knowledge.         


Enjoy your time off...but don't stop learning!!!

Hello Parents and Guardians,                                                 Wednesday, April 6th 2016


Welcome back to school after our wonderful, restful Spring Break. I am thankful we have had this week to get accustomed to being back in school and getting our routines back to normal. Next week our PARCC testing begins. We have 3 ELA sessions of 90 minutes each and 4 MATH sessions of 60 minutes each.


      Our testing schedule begins Monday April 11th. We have been practicing the web based tutorials so students should be familiar with the format of the ELA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           and MATH assessments. Please make sure your student gets a good night's rest and healthy breakfast everyday but especially on testing days.

Attendance is also very important!!!

     There are classroom incentives as well as school-wide incentives for students who attend all of their scheduled testing sessions. Please help us to encourage students be at school for all testing sessions and for each student to do their best. Students will also need a chapter book for test days, as reading is the only thing a student can do after finishing their test. We need to wait for all students to finish a session before we can be dismissed from the computer lab.


Our class schedule for PARCC ELA is as follows:

 Monday, April 11,                   12:15-1:45

            Wednesday, April 13, 9:15-11:00

            Friday, April 15th,                    12:15-1:45


Our class schedule for PARCC Math is as follows:

            Tuesday, April 26,                   12:15-1:45

            Thursday, April28,                   12:15-1:45

            Friday, April 29,                       12:15-1:45

            Monday, May 2,                      12:15-1:45


     Thank you for your help and cooperation with this very important assessment opportunity.  

     If you are willing and able to send in a special snack for the entire class on our test days, please let me know. We currently have 26 students in our class.


Sincerely, Sara Trost 

It is Almost Spring in P-16!!




It is almost Spring in P-16. We have been hard at work learning and growing together since August. We have all made alot of progress!! I am proud of the knowledge, standards and behaviors that have shown improvement! It is still a few weeks before Spring Break and then after that comes the PARCC Testing beginning April 11th. I would encourage your student to show you the practice tests he/she have been taking to get familiar with the format and online tools for testing. Take a look at them yourself and you can get an idea of what the tests look like. Please keep supporting your student and we will do the work at school. 

Coming to school on time and prepared with student backpack, homework, agenda, and supplies is important.  Planning ahead and giving yourself time to arrive on campus at 8:50 am to eat breakfast, visit with friends and use the restroom before class begins helps to make each student successful. Wearing/bringing appropriate clothing choices for the weather and a full water bottle helps too!  Encourage your student with these basic healthy school habits!

Thank You!      Mrs. Trost

Specials for 2015-16 school year have begun and the schedule is as follows:


PE: Mondays ~ 2:00-3:00 ~ (Please wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing for exercise and movement).

Fine Arts: Tuesdays ~ 2:10-3:10

Computers: Wednesdays ~ 10:15-11:15

F O W: Wednesdays ~ 12:00-12:50 ~ (Please read about my "Family of the Week" program on last page of curriculum guide).

Library: Thursdays ~ 10:30-11:15 ~ (Library books are returned every Thursday for stamps and rewards).

Steam Room: Thursdays ~ 2:00-3:00

ChildFind Mentors: Fridays ~ 11:40-12:10 (Students earn the priveledge to work with preschool students)




Literacy Rocks!!

Literacy Rocks!!


Today: 3/19/18

Let's Earn Stamps!!


My students have multiple opportunities to earn stamps on their stamp charts every week. Prizes are awarded periodically throughout the chart. There is a 'You Did It!! prize at the end of each chart which is 56 stamps total. Sometimes students have to 'cross off' stamps. This can sometimes be a consequence for poor choices. 'Crossed off' stamps need to be earned twice...once on the front and a second time on the back...:(

I hope to give out lots of stamps and prizes this year! Talk to your student about their stamp chart and see what they think.

Sumdog competitions have begun!!! Start your mathematical engines 4th graders!! Vroom-vroom!!


Summer Reading Challenge!

SC-LOGO-RGB-FNL.pngTake the Summer Reading Challenge and check out the's site for many ideas and inspiring reads.  There is also a Summer Learning Challenge...Hmmm, I think that sounds interesting! :)



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