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Students who have Asthma will need to provide a completed Asthma Action Plan to the school nurse.  The form requires a physician's signature, as well as a parent/guardian signature.  Please provide the student's Asthma inhaler and spacer to the school nurse in a timely manner to ensure your child's safety at school.  Asthma Action Plans are effective for one school year.  New orders are required at the beginning of each school year.


Many children and adults will state that they no longer need to use a spacer because they are too old for one.  This is a common belief that is simply not true.  Everyone (including adults) should use a spacer with their rescue and controller meter dosed inhalers (MDI).  Without a spacer, most of the medicine from an MDI will end up in the back of the throat.  This can actually cause more side effects and increase the amount absorbed into the bloodstream. A spacer helps the medicine reach the lungs where it needs be in order to work.

Click on the document below to see the importance of using a spacer with an inhaler:

Why use a spacer.pdf

Open Airways For School

Our school provides a free asthma education program for 3rd-5th grade students with asthma called Open Airways For Schools. If your student is diagnosed with asthma, we recommend that he/she take this class. The school nurse is certified by the American Lung Association to teach Open Airways For Schools classes and the program has been approved by the APS School District.

The six lessons in the Open Airways for Schools program cover the following:

  • basic information/feelings about asthma
  • recognizing and managing asthma symptoms
  • solving problems with medicines/deciding how bad symptoms are
  • finding and controlling asthma triggers
  • how to be healthy and how to get enough exercising and how to do well at school


At the end of each lesson, your student will bring home written materials about the classes to share with you.

Permission slips will go home during the month of January.  Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions.


Asthma Resource for Parents

The American Lung Association’s Lung HelpLine

This is a FREE service that parents can sign up for.  The Lung HelpLine will contact parents and answer any questions you may have about your student’s asthma.  Please complete the form below and return to the school nurse.  The Lung HelpLine will contact you directly.

Information for ALA Lung HelpLine.pdf

Information for ALA Lung HelpLine Spanish.pdf