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Contact Lisa Boles-smith  Lisa Boles-smith Preschool
Contact Tasha Brachle  Tasha Brachle Teacher
Contact Stephanie Lambie  Stephanie Lambie Teacher
Contact Nohemi Rodriguez-ahedo  Nohemi Rodriguez-ahedo Preschool EA
Contact Patricia Schmidt  Patricia Schmidt Preschool EA
Contact Jamie Carmer  Jamie Carmer Educational Assistant
Contact Norma Diaz  Norma Diaz Teacher
Contact Victoria Haney  Victoria Haney Teacher
Contact Rhonda Kilbane  Rhonda Kilbane Educational Assistant
Contact Jennifer Stagen  Jennifer Stagen Educational Assistant
Contact Deborah Thompson  Deborah Thompson Teacher
Contact Jessica Trujillo  Jessica Trujillo Educational Assistant
Contact Danielle Williams  Danielle Williams Teacher
First Grade
Contact Denise Gomez  Denise Gomez Teacher
Contact Angelica Mccants  Angelica Mccants Teacher
Contact Teresa Montoya  Teresa Montoya Teacher
Contact Patricia Morrow  Patricia Morrow Teacher
Contact Virginia Nighbert  Virginia Nighbert Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Victoria Gillespie  Victoria Gillespie Teacher
Contact Christa Richardson  Christa Richardson Teacher
Contact Tanya Sanchez  Tanya Sanchez Teacher
Contact Janice Silva  Janice Silva Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Carley Frick  Carley Frick Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Hernandez  Elizabeth Hernandez Teacher
Contact Nancy Matthews  Nancy Matthews Teacher
Contact Courtney Silecchia Chavez  Courtney Silecchia Chavez Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Gretchen Darr  Gretchen Darr Teacher
Contact Lavonne Mathis  Lavonne Mathis Teacher
Contact Carla Serrano  Carla Serrano Teacher
Contact Sara Trost  Sara Trost Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Monica Mendez  Monica Mendez Teacher
Contact Melissa Rodriguez  Melissa Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Mark Schneider  Mark Schneider Teacher
Contact Derek Shuk  Derek Shuk Teacher
Special Education
Contact Sandra Debban-solomon  Sandra Debban-solomon Teacher
Contact Kelsy Friedrichs  Kelsy Friedrichs Special Education EA
Contact Sylvia Herrera  Sylvia Herrera Special Education EA
Contact Bernadette Klipping  Bernadette Klipping Special Education EA
Contact Christina Knecht  Christina Knecht Special Education EA
Contact Julie Mcdowell  Julie Mcdowell Teacher
Contact Tamara Morgan  Tamara Morgan Teacher
Contact Cindy Shroba  Cindy Shroba Special Education Teacher
Contact Holly Smith  Holly Smith Head Special Ed and Gifted Teacher
Fine Arts
Contact Vicky Wood  Vicky Wood Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Jacob Sena  Jacob Sena Teacher
Contact Karen Pena  Karen Pena Technology Teacher
Contact Kristina Perea Salazar  Kristina Perea Salazar Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Anna Chavez  Anna Chavez Assistant Principal
Contact Karen Vedera  Karen Vedera Secretary/Bookkeeper
Contact Rhonda Miera  Rhonda Miera Clerk
Contact Dany Mak  Dany Mak Nurse
Contact Reve Martinez  Reve Martinez Nurse EA
Contact Douglas Flynn  Douglas Flynn Librarian
Instructional Coach
Contact Kathryn Ramsey  Kathryn Ramsey Teacher
Physical Therapist
Contact Lucille Lopez  Lucille Lopez PT
Speech & Language Pathologists
Contact Regina Cooper  Regina Cooper Staff
Contact Geraldine Fields  Geraldine Fields Councelor
Social Worker
Contact Rabia Friedman  Rabia Friedman Social Worker
Occupational Therapist
Contact Mary Gilbertson  Mary Gilbertson Teacher
Contact Lorraine Griffith  Lorraine Griffith Teacher
Behavior Redirector
Contact Tammy Burns  Tammy Burns Staff
Contact Maria Corral  Maria Corral Custodian
Contact Pascual Florez  Pascual Florez Custodian
Contact Jeanette Hernandez  Jeanette Hernandez Head Custodian