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STEAM 6.1 - Space

Space X

STEAM Star Station Grades K-1

All students in K-2 Grades should complete the measurement STEAM Star Station. at least one time. 
Record when students have completed the station



Balls and Ramps

Astronaut Art

Students will need to bring a small picture from their class (like the samples from their individual class photo). 

The Art department will supply the silver markers and black paper. One art project per student. Write the student's name and the teacher's name on the back of the project. 

Please display these astronauts on the bulletin board with the other astronauts. 






STEAM Star Station Grades 2-5

All students in 2nd-5th grades should complete this Nearpod STEAM Star Station at least one time. 

Record when students have completed the station.

Behind the Scenes

How was Cozmo created?  Watch this 4 minute video to find out!

Origami on the HP Sprout